Great Yarmouth 3rd River Crossing

The Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing will link the A47 at Harfrey’s roundabout to the port and the enterprise zone via South Denes Road on the other side of the River Yare, easing traffic
congestion on the towns roads. Construction is planned to start in early 2021 with completion due in 2023.

As part of the planning process, Tilbrook’s Landscape recently worked with BAM Nuttall Farrans JV & Norfolk County Council to install pre-planted coir logs & pallets
to create a new habitat for Water Voles to migrate to once construction start in close proximity to their current habitat.

Over the next year, the plants will establish into the banks to provide a food source and cover for the water vole colonies while also providing stability to the banks ad prevent erosion.

The works were carried out over a 2 week period with support from the BNF JV site team who provided ecology support, site clearance and on site guidance.
The pre-planted coir products and aquatic plants were supplied by Verdant Solutions 



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November 6, 2020