Suffolk Highways

Project Brief

Since 2005 we have been providing cyclical maintenance to Suffolk Highways.  Originally only covering half of Suffolk, in 2016 we were awarded the entire county.

For verge mowing, weed spraying, grip cleaning, tree surgery and brine application to cycle routes in the winter.

Each year we cut A & B roads twice and C & U roads once. Our total distance cut is approximately 5,900Km and spray approximately 7,580Km of weeds.

In addition to this we clean 83,769 road side grips and attend hundreds on emergency tree call outs.



Client: Suffolk County Council
Architect: Kier Services (Carillion until 2013)
Contract Period: 2005 – at least 2024

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About Us

Established in 1954, Tilbrooks Landscape are the South East’s premier landscape company covering from Lincolnshire to the Isle of Wight including Reading, Oxford & London.